Sunday, February 24, 2008


This is my cat Tiger. He found me one day and insisted on being let in the house... that was about three years ago. He sheds more than any cat I have ever had. And now it seems shedding on my clothes while I am wearing them isnt good enough. Now he wishes to shed all over my clothes before I even put them on! I guess this will teach me to leave my armoire open in the morning.


tommie said...

I left my window down one day while the car was parked in the garage...(the garage door was open). I am DEATHLY allergic to cats.....don't you know that dang thing jumped in my car!

So thankful for leather seats.

I didn't think cats liked being in cars!

Cheeky said...

As I read this - I have two cats in my linen closet - they jumped in while I was putting away clothes so I just left them there....they love it!

Flip Flop Momma said...

damn cats..I have two and they do the same damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Your Kitty reminds me of my Alex, looks the same and loves all those comfy little hiding places too. As far as the shedding goes, try two cats who should be bald as much as they shed and two dogs with blonde hair on burgundy carpet. Needless to say we do A LOT of vacuuming at my house! But you gotta love em.