Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday!

This weeks wild card Wednesday, brought to you by the owner of a haunted Mayan desk, stars the letter H! Whooohoooo! H just happens to be the first letter of the crappy last name I inherited when I got married.

I give you Halloween! This picture is about 3 years old. My son was a few months old. The girl was 3. She was a dog... and he was her bone. This was totally her idea. Its an idea that continues, each year she decides what she will be and then she makes him an accessory.

Halloween...the following year...she is Cinderella, he is Prince Charming

And so it went....Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, The White Witch and Peter (from Narnia).... who knows what this year will bring!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Kids are the Cutest

The boy and the girl at swimming lessons this past week. I know I am their mom but I just think they are adorable! The goggles on my son... they kill me! He loves them.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am a Scaredy Cat

So I mentioned the wasp/yellow jacket nest? Its in the eaves of our shed. There are a ton of yellow jackets going in and out. I ran out to the store and bought yellow jacket killer and traps. I beg the hubs to spray the nest. He says ok. Does he do it? nooooooo. So tonight I get all indignant and tell him I am going to it myself while he is at work. I go out after dark like it says. I stare at the hole in the eaves.... hmmmmmm its kind of high. I need a ladder. Cant find one so I get a rickety crate. I haul my fat butt onto the crate. I aim the spray. One Yellow jacket flies out, I nearly tumble off the crate and land on my ass. I think, "hmmm perhaps if one yellow jacket can nearly knock me on my rear.... twenty or so pissed off yellow jackets are going to cause me to break an ankle." So I climbed down off the crate, backed away from the hole, and like the wuss that I am slunk off into the house to wait for the hubs to douse the nest tomorrow when he gets back from work. GAWD! I am such a baby, I irritate myself!


I worry alot. Do any of you all do this? I can worry about anything, serious or trivial. And then once I start that worry just becomes a compulsion. Its almost like I cant stop! It kills me. Currently I am worrying about my garage door, which broke last night for no reason whatsoever. I am also worrying the yellow jacket nest in our shed, global warming, soldiers in Iraq (now that I personally know one over there, I have stepped up the Iraq worry, my weight, my kids, my future trip to Chicago, flying, security at airports, money..... you see the list goes on and on. Its amazing I am not one giant ulcer. Oh and also that list is not in any kind of order. Like I dont worry about yellow jackets the most. Mostly that stuff just cycles through my brain all day long. I am sure I probably need a shrink.... hmmm maybe I should worry about that.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday!

Wild Card Wedneday! WCW is brought to you by She Who Would Rather Reside in Texas

This is my darling daughter in first staring role in the play called Waves. Ummm no actually it was called Tide Pools. But I did paint that wave scenery in background so I feel bonus points are in order.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where I Have Been (For my one or two sometimes readers...)

This is Me! In all my "I just got up and have not bothered to fix myself glory" taken with my new MacBook. Cool little built in camera.

So Where Have I Been??
My computer died. And it went out in a big way! I still dont know what happened to it. The geeks I hired to work on it have no idea whats wrong...oh they talk a good game, but the computer is still not fixed so I presume they are as clueless as me! Poor computer, it was a Gateway, it lasted a good 4 years. Which I hear is ages for a computer. Anyway what did I do? I went out and bought a Mac. I, a dedicated PC user, slave to windows, went out and bought a Mac. A MacBook. I love it! I do! But I am still trying to figure out exactly how to work all its parts. I am particularly disturbed by the no right click. However I just spent a bundle on it and so I am going to have to figure it all out. Wish me luck. All my Mac using friends say I will never go back. Yah, I know this to be true because it will be YEARS before I can afford a new one! Hoping to get to WCW this Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday

This weeks WCW brought to you by the absentminded TKW and the letter K. I give you kids getting ready to go to KINDERGARTEN! Well not my kid, he has one more year of preschool to go, but lots of those other kids are going to Kindergarten....so hopefully I will still get my quadruple bonus points.

These kids look totally possessed! My son is in the whiteish button down.

I only wish this hot chick were me. She is my son's teacher.