Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday

Ok I wanted this first picture last but me and blogger dont agree. This is my son and his best friend (seen in the pictures below) as they look now.
Wild Card Wednesday brought to you by the diva of Wisconsin, TKW.

I am calling this set of pictures, Some for Me, Some for you! (Sorry no W this week!) Here is my boy's best friend having his share of the fake baby bottle while playing legos.

And now we have the same friend feeding my little guy the nice, slobbery fake baby bottle. These are old pictures of course. The feeder is ready to start Kindergarten and the feedee is about to turn 4.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday

WILD CARD WEDNESDAY.... A STORY OF TWO WADING POOLS The girl WADING pool. Look how sedate, look at those unhappy faces, just sitting there, comparing bathing suits, trying not to mess up the hair, probably comparing who has the best pedi or something. Girl WADING pool = NOT FUN (side note: thats my dd at age 3 in the middle there)
In contrast I give you the boy WADING pool. Look here, whats this? Splashing, jumping, laughing, moving, rolling around on the tummy!! OMG could it be? Yes the Boy Pool = FUN! I tell you take a look at just about any pool or beach and you will see the same. Girls lolling about looking bored and boys running wild having fun. Why is that? (side note: I am not responsible for any of those kids in the boy pool. But the one with his back turned is still my girl's best friend. She is almost 7 now and that kid is 8)

Monday, May 21, 2007


I have been blogging for a year... and I have a total of 28 posts!! How sad and pathetic is that???? I wish I hadnt even looked! Well I guess I will take ideas now for my 100 th post to be published in ummm 3 years or so!

Edited to Add: Well I was suppose to put this out on the 19th I think, but I didnt . That is the story of my life, suppose to...but didnt. Anyway here it is now... 1 year and some change.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Mom's Social Life

So I have a mom's wardrobe (crap that doesnt need ironing and can hide the miscellanous garbage my kids rub on me) and I drive a mom ride (lovely minivan, complete with car seats and enough snacks to stock a 7-11) and now I have a mom's social life. In my previous life BK (before kids) I spent Saturdays sleeping in, going to brunch, shopping with the girls, going to lunch, meeting friends for drinks, taking in a movie. Now my social life consists of parties...no no no not PARTIES! but parties, birthday parties....not for my aquaintences but for my daughters. And today was a red letter day because I had two parties, back to back. So it was 3 hours in the blazing hot park, eating cheap pizza and grocery store cake and then it was 2 hours in my friends packed house, chasing my kids and talking about which age/stage is the best/worst. Ah the excititng life I lead. I know you all want to be me! Tommorrow I get to follow up this day of partaying with a day of housework....well it just doesnt get better than this!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday (or yet another post to embarrass my son)

I give you: Wailing! My boy can throw a fit like no other. He was upset because we wouldnt let him play in the kitchen why we were laying the new floor. You can see how he postioned himself to ensure no more work got done!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Presenting the special letter 'M' edition brought to you by she who makes more tutus than you can shake a stick at. This would be His Majesty, the princess. In his defense he was only 2.5 at the time and his sister was the one in charge of his wardrobe. Not to mention the crown and necklace had flashing lights and featured that hot babe, Sleeping Beauty.
His Majesty and his royal assistant, who is looking way to pleased with herself.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday (or the sole reason I post on my blog)

This is my daughter when she was three (she is six now) exhibiting a little bit of sibling jealousy by trying to squeeze into my then newborn son's bassinet. This has absolutely nothing to do with W unless you count all the whining she did at that age.