Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Because I am cool...

this is how I am teaching today....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Plush Accomodations

So I took a trip this last week to the California Science Teachers Conference in Long Beach. It was amazing!!!! The hotel we stayed at? yeah, not so much. Below is our pool. This would be the view from our balcony. Beautiful, no?

And here is another guest....well I guess he was a guest...before he met an untimely death. He was relaxing at the pool when his time came. I guess I shouldnt complain since the trip was free.

Monday, October 22, 2007

RIP Microwave

UGH! You know its going to be a bad day when you have to actually get out a pan and boil water for your tea! Maybe I should have coughed up 3 bucks and gone to starbucks. Anyhow my Microwave has passed away. It just decided to stop working. Oh it turns on, it makes noise, the turn table turns, but no microwave goodness actually comes out! I guess it will be off to Sears for us in the next few days. Of course this stuff can never happen on a weekend when you have time to replace and install a new one. Actually I am thinking the microwave heard us on the phone talking to the mechanic about how much it would be to fix my husband's car and then thought "I will show these guys, I will die right now! Double whammy!! haheha!" Or it could just be my bad luck in general.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I have figured out whats wrong with our health care system....

and its called we think your 20 minute ER visit was worth.... get this.....
1,344.00!!!! Yes, you read that right, ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR dollars. For a 20 MINUTE ER visit (not including the 2.5 hours I sat waiting with my baby girl puking all over me and her tupperware bowl.) After the extremely long wait we were ushered back to the "bed" section. The dr. examined baby girl. Listened to me go on about her symptoms. He listened to her heart, gave her the once over. Gave her a pill to stop the nauesea. Made us sit for 15 minutes to make sure she could hold down a cup of water and then we paid our copay and left. That was it. Now granted we were at the ER (which I was told to go to by the Dr. on call at our pediatrician's office) so I understand it might cost a little more for after hours treatment but one thousand three hundred and forty four dollars???? I mean omg, WTF? This seriously makes me wonder what the charge was for my apendectomy with severe complications that led to a brief stay in ICU and a full seven days in the hospital. That must be what like several million I guess, if its 1300 every 20 minutes. I wouldnt even had known the cost if the ins. hadnt sent some letter about how they "knew" we must have other health ins. on our kids and we are holding out on them. Ummm no. We pay enough at my husband's job we dont need double. I guarantee this sad sorry health care system we have is going to implode....probably sooner than later.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Its been a week! I had so much time to waste on the computer over the summer, but now, jeez work is taking up all my time. And then after work my little darlings require alot of attention. Oh and then my blog reading....yeah thats work to keep up with! that is my laundry list of excuses.

This weekend I have been making cute little halloween treat baskets. I got the idea from this blogcapture the moment She has some cool stuff, I could look at her projects all day.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

World Card Day

In honor of World Card Day.... I give you my latest card.

Splurge Worthy??

I got this idea somewhere else...but I am old and the brain doesnt work so well and well I cant remember very well! Anyway here is my list of 5 splurge worthy items and 5 items that there is no way I am paying retail.

Splurge Worthy
1. Diet Dr. Pepper
2. Nice Trousers
3. Gorgeous scrapbook paper
4. chocolate
5. good art supplies

Unsplurge worthy
1. Shoes (why pay retail when there is always a deal to be found)
2. Purses (yes I am probably in the minority, but no way am I paying 200 bucks for a purse)
3. Milk (the store brand is the same)
4. Books (even the latest can be found at costco cheap!)
5. Water (the tap tastes fine to me)

Let me know what you find spurge worthy!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Why I Am Fat... Part Deux

This is the remains of my ice cream sundae that I ate upon returning from my workout at the gym. I think if I didnt go to the gym the Discovery Channel would be coming to film me for one of their fattest people in the world shows.


I love october and all its halloween goodness! Of course I usually add several pounds to my already packed frame in October. Why oh why is chocolate so good??!! I dont even buy trick or treat candy until the very last minute because I know myself, and Myself eats chocolate when its in this house, whether its earmarked for another purpose or not! How many days will I last this year before I cave to the creamy goodness that is Halloween candy? Stay tuned.....