Friday, January 23, 2009

Kids and Toilets Dont Mix

When I first started this blog, it was because I wanted to comment on the blogs of others. Then I started writing about the trials (and joys) of being a mom and finally I ended up with this crafty blog that occasionally sinks into whining about exercise. Well today I am going back to my roots for this post. Right back to the trials of motherhood, because what happened today needs to be told. What happened today is going provide me with a big laugh someday... but today is not that day. I suspect it will provide most of you with a good laugh though, because these things are always so funny when they happen to someone else.

I had a really rotten day today. Fridays are always tough because I see my hardest classes. I came home from work feeling exhausted and already knowing that I was going to be putting in some hours on Monday, which is my day off. So I was already dragging when I pulled in the driveway. I was also running late for spin class. I had already skipped Wednesdays class due to working late. So I pull into the driveway, brain going a mile a minute, thinking about all that needs to be accomplished. I quickly say hello to the hubby and dd, I run upstairs to put on my sweats and tennies. I open the door to my bedroom and I hear sloshing. I round the corner and there is my son (he is 5), pants around his ankles, plunger in the toilet, water all over the floor, nearing ankle deep. He yells at me to go away. Trust me, I wanted to! So I get him out of there... clean him off, get towels and start drying up the mess, fix the toilet, clean up some-more. I look at the clock and see that its 10 minutes until spin class. I change clothes, tell my husband that I will mop and sanitize the floor later and I take off for class. Now that right there, that would be enough.... but wait there is more.

I get home and I am wiped out. I decide to take a bath before finishing my chores. I have a nice leisurely soak in the tub. I get out, wrap my towel around me and guess what? Yep its sopping wet. From what you ask? Oh my son forgot to mention that he used mine and my husbands bath towels to mop up the first wave of the toilet flood. Nice. Another shower was in order. Hoping your day was better than mine!


tommie said...

Oh girlie, first off: yeah for you for going to the class! I think I would have bailed on it. Not only bailed, but sat down to a glass of wine and a little relaxation.

Secondly, I didn't realize our boys were the same age. I don't think my 5 year old would even think to do the plunger himself. Heck, more times than not, he still wants me to wipe his booty! I swear I would pay him $1 if he would wipe it himself!

Happy weekend!

Claire Brennan said...

Oh Michele. hugs!!