Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Issues...

Did you know that today Bath and Body is having their big clearance sale?  They are changing bottles again so everything is out the door.   I am embarrassed to say how much soap, shower gel, and bubble bath I now own.   It's shocking how much I can over do it!  Which, incidentally, is why I titled the post, More Issues!   I am saving money though... I probably won't set foot in Bath and Body again for another 6 months or so.  I bought 6 of the antibacterial soap... on sale for only $3!  I bought uh.. um.. 6 (yes six... ) bottles of bubble bath.  I was out, I needed more!  Plus most of it was only $3.  I bought a whole bunch of those little sample bottles... normally they are 3.50 but today it was only $1!  How awesome is that?  Those will make some great little gifts.  I also bought two things of lotion, normally I hate lotion but I have noticed my skin is really dry... could be age.... or it could be my diabetes.   Either way lizard skin is not something I want to have.   I also bought some matching products (shower gel, bubble bath, and lotion) for my friend's birthday.  The grand total was 68$!!!  YIKES but lucky me, I had a gift card so we were down to an easily manageable 40 bucks by the time I left.  Now I am sitting here thinking maybe I should have bought more shower gel, maybe I should have got those cute little lip-glosses?   Lucky for my bank account I won't be leaving the house anytime soon.

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