Saturday, November 08, 2008

Things I Thought I would never have to say....

This is Part Deux. The original can be found here. I hadn't really thought about this in awhile but then yesterday I had to tell my son that you should not try to dive in the bathtub. And that got me thinking: What other completely obvious things have I had to point out recently?
1. Do not throw used toilet paper in the trash can, flush it down the toilet with the rest of your business. (son)
2. Do not leave your clipped toenails on the dining room table. (daughter)
3. Do not wipe your snotty nose on my jacket. (both)
4. Cheese Its are not the same thing as cereal. (son)
5. Putting water on your hair is not the same thing as combing it. (daughter)
6. If you see 50 dead ant in the bathtub (yes we have an ant problem) you should not ignore them and proceed to fill the tub anyway. (daughter)
7. Just because the cat licks you does not mean you should lick the cat. (son)
8. Your Christmas sweater does not go with camouflage shorts. (daughter)
9. The kitchen bar is not a balance beam. (son)
10. Glue sticks and chap sticks are not the same thing. (son)

Have anything to add?


Claire Brennan said...

Lol - Michele - that's hilarious!! - sorry - but it is. The most obvious thing I had to point out to anyone recently was that I am not superwoman (husband) but I totally expect to be treated as tho' I am. Lol.

Scrapping Julie said...


Diana said...

That is too funny! I think I've said many of those to my's one I told my son many times when he was a toddler: Please stop licking the toilet.


Niki Estes said...

LOL Thanks for the laugh, Michelle!

Kacey Elliott said...

Too funny - I too have said many of those statements to my kids - the chapstick/gluestick one just yesterday :-) Be glad you blogged this, so you can look back on it in a few years and laugh at how cute it really was!