Friday, November 07, 2008

More Christmas

Stuff: CS: pure poppy, ripe avocado, stampers select all by PTI. Stamps: Christmas Tags by PTI. Star from Wise Owl set Ink: pure poppy, ripe avocado Stickles and Inkissintials white gel pen.

Sorry for the bad picture... the light was not cooperating.


Lisa said...

Your Christmas cards are just too cute! I just have one question...okay two...How many of these do you make and does everyone on your list get a handmade card??? I can't even imagine making 50 cards! (Maybe I would just send handmade cards to the people I like and store bought to those I don't...oh come on, you know you have at least one relative that makes you cringe as you address their card! LOL)

(BTW...on the comment front...I'm that pathetic too! What can I say...comments are sometimes the most surprising part of my day. Yeah, I'm lame.)

Claire Brennan said...

Lovely card - great colours - I love how you added baubles to the tree!!

IamDerby said...

Hey Lisa,
I dont make cards for everyone as my christmas list is really long. I think last year I only did 20 handmade cards. I usually send them to people I think will appreciate them. I hate to mass produce... I get bored easily.

Marge said...

This card is fantastic! I'm also a big fan of Pure Poppy & Ripe Avacado, both of which I just bought!!!
I'm not a big fan of mass producing either, BUT it's too hard making up my mind to whom to send what if I don't, so each year I usually make 40+ of the same card; sometimes I even still like it when I'm all done!!! LOL!