Monday, November 03, 2008

Oooooh Homemade Tags!!!

Arent these cute? I have to say I have never made homemade Christmas tags before. Lets face it, as much as I act like I am Martha Stewart, I am not! My house is thrashed on a regular basis- hey I live with two kids and several onery cats. When the house isnt thrashed it certainly isnt up to Martha's standards. I can cook, really well actually, but I dont do it every night. My Christmas wrapping papers don't all coordinate with each other, half the time I cant find a bow. The tree is decorated with a hodgepodge of ornaments from my childhood and more that I collected as I got older. I digress. The point was I usually buy a pile of sticker tags at Target on December 26th and then use them the next year. Not this year folks! This year I am putting these gorgeous handmade tags on my gifts. Even if my gifts are wrapped in newspaper.

Stuff: Ink, cardstock, and stamps by Papertreyink. Punched out with a marvy scallop punch.


Samantha said...

Very cute cards, and just as luck would have it, I have those stamps from PTI (I totally forgot to include them in my picture collection on my blog the other day). You asked if I like Taylor's stamps, and the answer is YES! They're deeply etched, so they make a wonderful impression. They're also really cute and unlike anything else I have! I say go for it!!

Scrapping Julie said...

love them!!! i am ready to make mine too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Derby ~ Thanks so much for checking out the Blogger issue for me. I really appreciate it. And I love your cute little tags. You GO! I just love that scalloped look.