Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Birdie and Envie Combo

Hello blog friends!  Well I just had the scare of my life when I tried to log into my blog and it said my account had been disabled!  And then suddenly on try number three it turned back on.  I have no idea what that was all about.  Anyway I have for you today another card like yesterdays.  Different colors but the same basic idea.
P1060938 P1060936


Mara Campbell said...

Just as cute as the first card/envie combo!! I love the red polka dots on this one!!

Stephanie said...

Love this color combination, Michele! Your little birdies are just adorable on the inside and outside of your cards! Perfect!

Michelle Philippi said...

Love these colors...that Americana thing always warms me.....that sounds lame, but I really like it - ha. Your coloring is something I always look forward to...and with all the extra work on the envie? That's some serious detail work, girl.

Carolyne Aarsen said...

So, so cute. This card makes me happy just to look at it.