Thursday, July 23, 2009

Same Card, New Colors

I was so in love with the original I had to make a few more.   This one uses Spring Rain, new Leaf, and Lemon Tart cardstock.  For the ink though I used palette viridian leaf, a variegated blue pad I have had forever (not sure who the maker is) and palette paris lights.  I didn't use the matching inks because I feel that new leaf ink is way too piney and doesnt match the cardstock, lemon tart is too light (can barely see it!), and spring rain doesn't show at all.  These inks have been the only time I have been unhappy with PTI quality.  The dark inks are mostly fine (the green just being to piney in my opinion), the light inks are so light they disappear.  PTI is reformulating the light inks... I will wait for reviews before I buy.  Also PTI would have refunded or exchanged the inks, but to me its too much trouble for a 6 dollar ink pad, kwim?  
In other news I did make it to the gym yesterday, an hour of torture with Stephanie... who is so brutal she makes Michele look easy.  I left with muscles quivering.  I am thinking I will take today off and go drinking with my friends (Happy Hour tonite!!!!).  Then tomorrow I will head back to the gym for another grueling work out.  Happy Thursday!


Belinda said...

:) Love this one too! Very fresh colors!

BethieJ said...

LOVE this Michele.. the colors you used worked really well!! Have FUN at Happy Hour!! :)

Rose said...

Love these colours !
And thanks for the tip on the inks, Lemon Tart and New Leaf ink don't match the cardstock for me either, I'll be sure to get these now !