Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Do you have big plans this weekend?  I have a weekend of nothing planned.  There will of course be the usual things, like housework, grocery shopping, and a trips to the gym.  Tonite my daughter is having a friend sleepover.   It drives me batty.   To much energy in the house... but I do it for her.  My husband is working all weekend.  I normally have Mondays off so a holiday on Monday isn't huge for me.  I do like that there are only three weeks left in the school year.  I love summer time!  Single best perk of a teaching career.   I am nervous this year because I was laid off.  I don't know if I will be back in the fall... but I am trying to just chill and deal because there is nothing I can do to make it go one way or the other.  So all my fingers and toes are crossed and if in the end I need to go to plan B then so be it.   Well I hope you all have some fabulous or at least relaxing plans this weekend.  I leave you with this little birthday card I whipped up last week.  
Ingredients:  All supplies PTI:  smokey cardstock, hibiscus cardstock, hibiscus ink, Everyday Classics, Polka Dot Basics, Borders and Corners Circles, and birthday basics stamps, hibiscus twill.


cadnileb said...

Fun fun fun! Love all the dots in the scalloped circle and the threading water!

peggysue said...

Whew, so much information in one little post.
Sorry you were laid off, I lost a job almost three years ago and haven't been fully employed since, took a while for my self esteem to center itself again in who I am and was created to be and not my paycheck.
I love your honesty! We haven't had a sleepover in our house for a long while but I had six teens here last night watching a movie and that energy level had me bushed!
And I like the card. :)