Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Why is it whenever anyone asks you if they can talk to you for a second they really mean 15 minutes?
Why is it whenever my principal brings someone to visit my class its during my lunch 30 minutes (yeah no hour here)?
Why is it whenever my kid has to take a dump we are at Target, or in the car, or at Walmart?
Why is it whenever it is raining my kid decides that flipflops are the perfect and only shoe apparel he (or she) will wear?
Why is it no matter how often I instruct my students to listen to my instructions at least three students need to hear it four more times? (And just why is it that if I say ok you can play games, they all hear me the first time?)
Why is it on days I actually have time to read the paper it never arrives?
Why is it ants only invade the house while my husband is at work?
Why is it my kids seem to think they own my computer and I should be asking them for permission to use it?

Just some thoughts randomly passing through my head today.... Any similar thoughts going through yours?

PS. I have decided to give away some craft items this Friday (apparently I cant stop shopping, its a sickness)... a RAK... Free Friday! So check back in and feel free to spread the word.


PattiM said...


I don't know if you remember leaving a comment on my blog....No, really you did....Guess what??? You won the St Patrick's STAMPS I had for my RAK.....Congrats... Please email me your addy......


PS Why is it that kids don't hear when parents tell them to do somethin, even when repeating several times....
Yet you mention the word candy and their like fly on...........................LOL

PattiM said...
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tommie said...

Why is it the kids wake up at the a$$ crack of dawn all week, then on the weekend they sleep until 9??

IamDerby said...

LOL Tommie, I so feel ya on that one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giggle..and I can relate to several of those 'why's!

Love the pic of your knight in shining DS had that set when he was little (he is now 25 and collect real swords now-consider yourself warned! LOL!
gilroy gal

tulipmom said...

Why is it that SB's overnight diaper always leaks on the same day fresh sheets have just been put on his bed? Just once could it leak the night before the sheets are to be changed?