Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Scrap Corner

I give you some pics of my "new" scrapping corner. "New" in that even though the corner was already there it wasn't inhabited by this table or these things on the wall. The big wall shelf (in the corner) I had already taken possession of earlier in the year. The table is a gate leg table so it folds up nicely, yet is very sturdy... it used to be behind the couch as a sofa table. The wall shelves all were in the house previously with the exception of the big white one.
That is the new making memories embellishment center. This thing retails for 80$. I did not pay 80$. If I had I would have been sorely disappointed because while I really like this shelf it is not very well put together, the painting appears to have been done by 5 year olds for one thing. The back has a few hair line cracks and the wood(? not sure if its actual wood) working is definitely subpar. I got it for 40$ so I think 40 is a reasonable amount for a shelf of this quality. It was a huge PITA to hang on the wall but I did it all by myself.
On the table is my new cricut, which I am quickly learning to love. Also on the table is my OTT lite which I am not certain how I ever lived without. That thing puts out so much light.
Overall I am pretty happy with the set up. Now I know that a decorator would probably be choking over my combo scraproom/formal living room but I dont care. And really how formal of a room can you have with two children running amuck, jumping on sofas, dancing on tables (Fun daddy lets them do these things NOTme!) and cats scratching up my clearance PB slipcovers? Anyway I am thrilled with it and have been happily scrapping there for the last few days.


Kelli said...

Enjoy your little corner of heaven! It looks great! My own corner will be invaded in a year or two...my scrap stuff is in our downstairs family room where we dont let the munchkins go yet for safety reasons. (That's where I temporarily work from home too.)

Samantha said...

Looking good! I really like the white cabinet you have with all your embellies. Enjoy your space!!

Tezra Williams said...

Great scrap space, it's so mice to have your own territory isn't it! Have fun.

Jamie said...

You need to come and organize my house!

Cheeky said...

I love it! Even though I have my own room that I can escape to, I think I want a corner in the family room so we be together even if we are doing different things.