Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why Arent You Laughing??

So my boy comes in the room this evening. I looked up at him but truth be told I was giving the computer the majority of my attention. The boy says, "Hey how come kids dont work in restaurants?"
My reply "Huh?"
The Boy: "Why dont kids work in restaurants?"
Me: "uuhhhhh i dunno?"
The Boy: "Because Kids dont work!!!" Boy falls down with laughter, boy continues laughing. Boy looks up. Boy speaks: "Why arent you laughing?"
Me: "huh? I'm confused"
Boy: "its funny mama, laugh!"
Husband yelling from other room: "He is telling you a joke!"
Me: wha???
Boy: Laugh mama!!
Me: makes small laughing sounds, still completely confused.
Boy: I will be back to tell you more jokes in a minute. I have to go make them up, these are my OWN jokes, mama
Me: ::Thinking::: your own? no kidding. LOL

And so I sit waiting for my humor impaired child to come back and tell me some more jokes.


tommie said...

at least you aren't getting knock knock jokes....Told by a 3 or 4 year old, they get kind of mixed up!
how are the ants?

Cheeky said...

I can't say they get any better with age LOL

IamDerby said...

Tommie: The ants are still hanging out...its still raining here too. No huge ant messes though....I have been using a combination of raid, windex, and the vacuum cleaner. when you suggested bounce did you mean the fabric softener sheets? Or the liquid?

Cheeky: You mean I am going to have to fake laugh forever?

Vanda said...

My son asked me if he could tell me a dirty joke. I said ok and he said "A man fell into a muddy puddle" then he ran into his room giggling like mad.

Tezra Williams said...

That is hilarious! DOn't worry I think they are all humor impaired at that age :)

tulipmom said...

Ah yes, the fake laugh. I am familiar with it :)