Monday, December 31, 2007

Bake Much?

My kids love to make cookies. Here is our gingerbread extravaganza from last week. I think I have made at least 500 cookies in the last month. So I am done for awhile. I dont plan on baking another cookie until Valentines day. On V day I might make some heart shaped sugar cookies. I did try a new recipe this past christmas, it was a chocolate cookie with an andes mint melted on the top. Oh it was so good! Anybody else out there like to bake? Whats your favorite cookie?


Cheeky said...

I love to bake but the hubs really isn't into sweets and well I end up eating it all if I bake it so I just don't - which is sad - cause I like to

tommie said...

Put those kid to work! Make them earn their keep...! LOL

Happy New Years to you and yours

IamDerby said...

Cheeky: my hubs doesnt eat it either...he doesnt like sweets. I will eat anything with sugar so I usually just take it to work.

Tommie: if only it were less work to put them to work...LOL

Lisa said...

If I lived in your house, I would be 800lbs...but very, very happy!