Monday, December 17, 2007

Funny Old Photos

Too bad TKW doesnt play WBW anymore because I finally have some material. I scanned these old pictures in the other day. I found them in a tattered old envelope at my mom's . She wouldnt give me the originals.

This is me and my dad. I must say I look pretty cute. My dad? Well it was the 70's. Check out our couch? Did people really think that was attractive? My mom still has that crocheted blanket! Who would of thought of that color combo? My grandma She did beautiful work but really the colors leave much to be desired. In the way back on the shelf you can see the plastic statue of Michaelangelos David. That naked guy caused much laughing among me and my grade school friends as the years went by. I think my mother still has it in her bedroom.

Here we are at Disneyland circa 1980 or so. Dont you just love my dad's and brother's athletic socks??? Crazy! Those shorts I am wearing were hideous. You remember the ones with the little stripe down the side? Yeah, thats them.

Anywho I hope you enjoyed the little flash from the past. I just love looking at old snapshots.


Cheeky said...

I love old photos....thanks for sharing

Samantha said...

Groovy pictures!! Love the couch - I'm pretty sure we had one just like it!!