Friday, December 28, 2007

December Review

If I were a better blogger I would have blogged these seperately, on different days, taking care to relate the humorous story that went with each one, but lets face it, I am a much better blog reader than I am blog writer. So here are some pictures from our december.

Some decorations on our mantle... I scaled back to two barbies this year, I have dozens.

My kids opening presents from their aunty. My son did not get that you cant complain if its something you didnt really want. He told his nana, " I did not want this! I want action figures!" It was damn funny but we had to punish him because seriously that kind of stuff reflects badly on ME! LOL

Baby girl decorating our tree from Longs Drugstore... only 20 dollars. It was completely crooked and had big holes all over it but thats what I get for taking the easy way out and letting the hubs pick the tree out all by himself.

Baby boy at his singing program for preschool. Isnt he adorable? (He is the one in the red sweater vest.)


Cheeky said...

I love that he looked at you for that pic!!

tulipmom said...

He is so cute!

Re the "I didn't want that" ... SB had a major meltdown yesterday when he opened a birthday present from his uncle that he didn't like.

"But you loved playing that game at N's house," I said.

"Yes, but that doesn't mean I wanted to OWN it," he said.

Followed by a lengthy discussion of how we still have to say thank you and sometimes we even have to say we like a present just so we don't hurt the giver's feelings.