Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rustic Branches

This card was made with the fabulous Pine's Rustic Branches set. To think that I almost didnt purchase this set! Its awesome and so versatile, it can be Christmasy or springy or even fall like. Love it!
Supplies: PTI rustic branches, kraft cardstock, pure poppy ribbon. copics, versamark ink, palette ink, and white embossing powder

**** In Non Crafting News*****
I started seeing kids in the science/computer lab today. Oh it is so much fun to teach science. Today we had a little fun with dry ice! The fourth graders had fun with rulers, static, and styrofoam beads. So much fun stuff.

After work I made the dreaded trek to the gym. Another day, another spin class.... this guy who instructs this class is crazy hard! And its like the harder it gets the happier he is. I think he thrives on sweat and pain. I thought I might pass out, I ended up taking off after 45 minutes because my blood sugar once again started to crash. UGH! I think I might have to start bringing juice instead of water, of course this just adds back the calories I am trying to rid myself of! Oh and it would probably help if I quit eating candy. So tomorrow is another day, hoping I will do better.


Katie Renz said...

Great card Michele and uggghhh about your spinning class. Its gotta be hard to balance it all out.

Precious Scraps by Beverly said...

I am very proud of you. Great cards, awesome teacher and at least you are making an attempt to exercise which is better that me. You are my idol. lol