Monday, September 29, 2008


Here it is Monday night, still no pictures. Sorry about that. I feel awful. Just as soon as I can get my kids in bed I am going to bed as well. I feel horrible! I did go to the gym on Sunday, but not spin class.... I did 35 minutes of weights and another 25 minutes of cardio. I was feeling so sluggish, well now I know it was this cold coming on. UGH! Hope it goes away quick. My nose is like a leaky faucet.


Claire Brennan said...

Och you poor woman!! I feel so sorry for you - I know women like your gym instructor - they can't make cards for toffee - in fact they can't even make toffee... they only know how to look good - which is useless at 2 am when the only person who can see you is your vomitting child!! Take heart - you have the better qualities. hope you feel better soon.

Cheeky said...

Oh feel better soon. Colds are the worst. If you need chicken soup - lemme know I will send you some!

Deanna said...

Chicken soup and lots of OJ... fell better!