Sunday, September 28, 2008


The gym is calling my name and I am trying to hide here on the couch in my pjs with my laptop. I need to go but I dont want to! My last appearance there was on Friday. When I walked into the spin room I saw the instructor who is the most difficult. Normally she teaches the am Monday and Wednesday class, which I haven't been to since school started back up. I have mentioned her before. She can kick some ass. Her entire body is muscle, not an ounce of fat on this girl. Its pretty muscle too, not bulging body builder muscle, just firm-I can kick your ass and look hot while doing it- muscle. Truth be told the second I saw her I wanted to turn and run upstairs to my friend the elliptical machine. But I didnt want to look like a quitter, plus she knows my name and probably would have demanded to know where I was going. I am not afraid to admit that she scares me a little! So I made it through, but when I was done my legs felt like jello and my heart was about to thump out of my chest. But I lived and now here we are at Sunday and I need to go back. The next spin class is at noon, its 9am now. I should go.... I need to go.... I will be back to let you know how big of a wimp I was later.

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Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi, You need to go and write about the gym more...they are so fun to read. (I followed your link from CKMB..and once my baby is born I will have to start going t the gym again. :)