Saturday, September 27, 2008

Open Letter

Sorry but I have to get this off my chest before I can move on with my day.

Dear Teacher,

Clearly you dont want to be here. I know someone is paying you to be here. This isn't a come on your free time type of deal. All of you are receiving money, which obviously isn't being well spent training you, they should have gotten someone with a work ethic. Yes, I know its a Saturday. Yes, I understand you are tired. This does not give you the right to talk while we are trying to teach. This does not give you the right to clean your purse out at the table, disturbing your work group and completely ignoring the person presenting. This does not give you the right to file your nails as we teach. Maybe your mother never taught you that these things are rude, however since you work in a classroom environment I would think that maybe you should know better. I really wouldn't care if you listened or learned while you are here except for the fact that you are occupying a spot that many other teachers would have liked to have. You also were so disruptive that people across the room were glaring at you, and yet you continued on, oblivious to everyone but yourself and your cell phone. Perhaps this program isn't for you. Perhaps you should drop out and let someone else have your spot. Clearly you are not here to learn or stretch yourself in any way. Next time stay home and make us all a little happier.

*** And now back to your regularly scheduled craft blog*** I will have some christmas cards up tomorrow! Need daylight to take some decent pictures.


Katie Renz said...

I need more background... I'm curious...

IamDerby said...

LOL Katie. I am a science teacher and I have been working with a project (million dollar grant) to train teachers in teaching science. Its me, a colleague or mine, and two university science professors teaching the content (science) portion. And there were these three teachers who were so incredibly rude and disruptive all day long. Just leaves a bitter tasted in my mouth, kwim? Especially since they are pulling down 1,000 dollar stipends.