Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drama... The Award Winning Variety

So yesterday The Boy got his Kindergarten shots. OMG. There is not a font
big enough to convey his screaming. I always thought The Girl was my
drama queen. I remember her K shots vividly. She had been watching
Dora sees the Dr or some such she was saying...shots are
healthy shots are good, I love shots. Anyway after they stuck her
the first time she screamed like someone was tearing off her arms.
It was extremely embarrassing. I always thought that would be the
worst. Nope.... today The Boy topped her easily. I had to physically
restrain him, which was not easy. He screamed and screamed and
screamed some more. Sometimes it was just the screeching, someones
killing me scream and the rest of the time he was screaming (and I
mean loud enough to be heard in the next state) OH GOD!!!!! IT
ME!!!!!! OH GOD, SAVE ME GOD!!!! It would have been hysterical if
it had been anyone elses kid. Not only that but where was all the God stuff
coming from?I am so so so glad its over with. He
did not stop the screeching until we had been out of the office, in
the car and driving for like 5 minutes. I felt like giving him an
academy award for his performance!


Anonymous said...

i love it! it is funny when it's not my kid ;)

lisabella said...

This is when you look at him and say,
"it's a good think you're cute!"

lisabella said...

I mean "thing", it's a good "thing" you're cute!

Annapurna said...

How funny! My son is a bigger wimp than my daughter too.

Wendy said...

I made my mom take The Boy last time he had to have shots. I'm a wimp. I'm sure the scene was similar to this though AND she informed me I get to take him next time for sure!