Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hummingbird Part 2

Another hummingbird card, different color scheme this time. Stamps are PTI, cardstock and ribbon to. Some PTI ink and some dewdrop chalk ink.

TOTALLY UNRELATED: Remember a few blog posts back when I was talking about exercise and my little conversation with Self? Well Self and I had another conversation today.

ME: omg!!! my whole body feels like it went through a blender.
SELF: I told you not to stay for the toning portion of the spin class.
ME: omg I cant move, not. at. all.
SELF: yeah thats what happens when you do insane numbers of push ups after a grueling spin class. I told you to get up and leave.
ME: i think today might be a good day to skip the gym
SELF: for once you are thinking clearly.

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