Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The One Where My Son Eats a Lemon

"Hey Baby Boy, What are you doing?"
"I am eating a lemon!"
"What? Lemons dont taste good."

"I want to try it! I like lemons! Its a fruit!"

"Ok, go ahead but I am telling you it wont taste good."

"Iiiiickkkkk! this is horrible, I hate it! Why did you make me eat this lemon?"


amyjo821 said...

OMG Michele he's getting so big!!!

that kid is soooo hilarious

Cheeky said...

My kids love them - yes I know we are twisted at Chez Cheeky

tulipmom said...

It's always mom's fault, isn't it?

tommie said...

that is hilarious....! He looks like he is seriously ick!

Kay said...

LOL That is sooo priceless!

Sheri said...

My 5 year old had started biting a year or so ago. We did EVERYTHING we could think of to get him to stop, then a friend said "Buy some lemons, everytime he bites someone make him bite a lemon"

it did the trick, a few bites into the lemon and he stopped biting.

Now if I could just figure out how to get him to stop biting the lemons everytime I buy a few and leave them sitting out.

Samantha said...

PRICELESS!! That's absolutely hillarious. I guess he won't be eating lemons for a while, right?