Friday, March 28, 2008

Fake Grins

Why is it when kids hit a certain age they suddenly decide its time for the fake grin? And it never really looks like a grin... it just ends up making the generally adorable child look constipated. I took this picture 5 times. All 5 times my boy has a version of the fake grin plastered on his face. I went through this with my girl as well. It lasted at least 3 years and she still pulls that stupid fake grin out on occasion. The thing that gets me is, it isnt just my kids. My niece and nephew are afflicted with fake grin. Children of my friends have also been afflicted with fake grin. It seems to be something every child masters.
Another thing I have noticed children always act like adults are completely stupid. They do it so often we ask the child, "Do you think I am stupid?" To which said children always reply, "No." But you know they are thinking. Yes! Yes I do, I think you are a complete moron, which is why you are always asking me these rhetorical questions anyway.


Lisa said...'ve gotta love the fake grin. We call the fake grin "creepy face" in our house. When their mouths are open in the fake grin it turns from "creepy face" to "muppet face". LOL! We do have a trick though...we make them laugh. Sometimes it gets over the top laughter which looks a little odd but it's better than creepy face or muppet face so we take it. Nice eggs btw!

Lisa said...

Ok...Cade just HAS to know...are those Star Wars wraps on some of your eggs? We saw them in the store but the mean mommy that I am said that star wars isn't "easterish" and I wouldn't let him have them.

Samantha said...

Cute!! I went through a similar phase, at least juding by my childhood pics I did. LOL!

Lisa said...

Cade can spot Star Wars anything a mile away lol! He's also VERY (huge understatement) into Star Wars...he has a crazy collection of the little galactic heroes guys (he's only missing two or three packs...insane!). Ahhh...maybe next year I will cave and we will have darth maul eggs lol!

Davis Family said...

my son smiles like that too, poor afflicted child! hahaha
great post!