Thursday, March 06, 2008

Secret Messages

So FunDaddy in a fit of craziness decided that he wanted to build the children a playhouse. He is capable of this, he is quite good with building except that it takes about a year and a half to finish anything. Also the "thing" must be grand in scale. Like my daughters bed. Gorgeous, a thing of beauty really... however it takes up nearly her entire room. So this little playhouse... yeah he chalked it out yesterday on the grass... people it is ginormous. But I held my tongue.

I get home from work and FunDaddy announces he must go to the store and buy lumber for the castle...umm I mean house. So off he goes... 1.5 hours later he isnt back yet. I am thinking he must of had an accident or something. So I call him. Below a transcript of our conversation. (all items in parenthesis are my own translations of what I feel his 'secret' message is) All of his parts should be read in a raised voice tinged with panic and complete irritation.

FD: "what?"
Me: oh good you are alive
FD: I cant get this wood in the van! It doesnt fit! The *$%#@ is too small (Gawd dammit woman why did you make me sell my truck?)
Me: oh
FD: I told you it wont fit! This is crazy! Now I have to buy rope! (I want my truck! who cares if I couldnt take the kids in it! I want it back!)
Me: sorry I thought something happened to you
FD: I had to buy rope! Its not working. I have to drive with the tailgate up! (this is your fault! you made me sell my truck!!)
Me: ok is there something i can do to help?
FD: No! I have to use this rope, that i had to buy, ok? (I told you nothing but a new truck will fix this!)
Me: ok then... oh look my phones dying! bye!

FTR, I did not make him sell the truck I simply told him we couldnt afford the ins. on all three vehicles and really we barely used the truck, plus it was constantly breaking down. he sold it himself to some guy who had a landscaping business.

Anyhow, secret messages... things we arent saying but its so clear we are.


tommie said...

I think we have that conversation about once a year!

Husband sold his truck when we moved out to CA with a year old and another on the way.

Cheeky said...

Men and their trucks!