Monday, March 17, 2008

The "Castle"

Hey look at that! It looks like we are getting an addition doesnt it? Yeah, thats the play house. HUGE, I tell you. Maybe we will just have the kids live out there. There will be a porch, a balcony, a trapdoor. What more could two kids want? Oh how about working shutters on all 6 windows? Maybe a pole to escape the balcony? You want dormer windows in the roof? You've got it. Oh you want planter boxes to plant a garden? Why sure, you can have that too. Fundaddy is going all out. It should be mostly done (meaning siding and a roof) in the next week or so. FunDaddy is battling a cold right now so the project is on hold for the time being. FunDaddy does not make a good sick person... but thats a whole 'nother post!