Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lets Talk Toll Roads

This is an "oasis" on some toll road (sorry no clue which one) in Illinois. The whole concept of the oasis being (if I understood it correctly) that you could get a bite to eat and not exit the road and thus not pay any money. Ok, paying money to drive on the road. I so do NOT get this concept! Here in beautiful Northern California (I cannot speak for Southeren California as I rarely go there and its like a whole different place) we do not pay to drive on the freeway...ever. You want to go somewhere you hop on the freeway and you go... provided you have gas you are good to go. There is no tossing in change every other mile, there is no handing over 1.90 everytime you get on or off. And whats up with that? 1.90? Why the hell dont they just charge the two bucks and be done with it? Are they trying to irritate people?

We do have tolls on bridges but ya know I can hang with that (especially since they are all in the Bay area and I never need to use them). What I cannot imagine is having a full ashtray full of change just so you can drive down the freeway, excuse me I mean, interstate.


All moments remembered said...

WHAT THEY want you to PAY each time you exit and enter? Yikes good thing I don't live there I might go broke!!
Have had fun posting with you on ckmb! So glad I found the site.

Stacey (scraphappy1yahoo)

IamDerby said...

Yes they make you pay! Isnt that insane? I like ckmb also...its rather addicting though!

Moi said...

thought i'd respond to your comment on your site for fun ... you would be surprised what the space age polymers can do. I really need 2 very strong people to walk in front of me and hold them up ... this bathing suit does it all on its' own. I pretty sure it was developed by NASA. It is however, like wearing a wetsuit.

BTW, here in Dallas, we have toll roads every 37 feet, and people drive on them all the time. The tolls are about 60 cents (why not 50? why not a buck?), so people use them with reckless abandon.