Friday, August 10, 2007

Scrapbook stuff

This is my first paperbag book. So easy to make and fun too! I love how they have little pockets...very cool. It also comes out quite sturdy. If you want to make one, basically you are folding paper lunch sacks in half and then rotating the order and binding it together. I bound mine with ribbon.

I made it for two little boys who lost their brother to a stroke recently. Poor baby was only 2 years old. As my daughter said, "Mom 2 year olds should NOT die!" Cant say I disagree with that. Anyway their parents had sent up balloons with little cards that said something to the effect of, "we want to know how far our brother has reached from heaven, send us a card with your location." I didnt actually find the card a friend of mine who knows the family sent it via the net. So anyway I was thinking what kind of card should I send when I got the idea of scrap mini book. I included extra paper, stickers, and alpha stickers so they can do it up however they want.


AmyJo said...

This is very cool Michele - I know the family will be very touched when they receive your scrapbook!

Cheeky said...

Very very cool! What a great idea.

Erica Hettwer said...

That is so sweet of you!!

And your daughter is 100% right. Two year olds should NOT die.