Thursday, August 30, 2007

Score at the Big Lots!

Are you all aquainted with Big Lots? This is a fabulous a giant treasure hunt! Everytime you find something new, and its so cheap you simply must have it! I usually go there in search of scrapbook supplies. Currently I was looking for american crafts ribbon that was rumored to be there. (I hear these rumors at the Creating Keepsakes Message Board (CKMB) where I spend entirely too much time.) So anyway I had been to my local Big Lots where there was no ribbon to be had. I was sad! I kept thinking of the ribbon. It was so cheap! At the scrapbook store 10.75!!! But at Big Lots... 2 bucks!! So today on my way home from my work meeting I decide to stop off at the other Big Lots, this one in a rather scary part of town, but I am brave and of course I was on a mission! When I pulled up I ignored the cop car (engine running...pulled up on the sidewalk) I quickly walked the store looking for the craft supplies. I had gone through most of the store, getting more and more depressed. Then just when I was about to give up.... light shone down, angels begin to sing.... well not really but my heart did start to beat fast because there it was!! The object of my affection (ok, ok obsession!) I bought 6 rolls....because really people I am SAVING money here! I saved nearly 50 dollars by my calculations! Oh and as a bonus they had these little tins of felt flowers...regular about 6 bucks...big lots price: 3 dollars! So I had to get one of those as well. As I was paying the cops in the back of the store started shouting and it appeared some kind of arrest was about to go down, so I hurried to the car and drove off with my prizes!


erika/ckmb journeyfan said...

Wow, thank gosh you came back safely from your dangerous Big Lots mission, LOL! It was worth it for those cute items at that price. TFS!

Cheeky said...

Don't you love it when you score big like that!

Scrapfest is held at the Mall of America every year. Its a weekend long event AND its sponsored by Archivers so they have special crops all weekend in honor of it.

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