Friday, July 01, 2011

Hey There Friends!

Hello and greetings from Moss Landing California. Today I am finishing up my last day at the Moss Landing Marine Institute.

That picture is not mine, as I don't have a helicopter to take pictures with. LOL! Its from CSU website. Anyhow, I just wanted you to see what a pretty place we have to learn in. We have been working with K-2 teachers to teach them new methods of teaching science and also adult level content in the field of marine biological sciences. I know I am a presenter here but I have also learned so much. Yesterday we were out at Point Pinos. As part of the grant they gave us all flip cameras. It was cool to capture some video of this awesome place but I hope it doesnt make the kiddos sea sick. Videographer, I am not. So today we head to the institute and then to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. And after that its home we go. So after two weeks on the road I will finally be home in my own bed! I miss my sweet little kiddos and my own pillow. After I get back we have a release for Shady Tree Studios coming. I think my stamps are waiting at my house! So hopefully I will have samples ASAP. Also STS is going to showcase a sweet little set from last year, so I will need to get on that as well. See you soon!

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