Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi and Bye!

Hi all!  I spent the last week in Columbia, California at Columbia College.  I was teaching science to a bunch of elementary teachers like myself.  Its part of a wonderful grant called K2-STARTS.   Alot of fun, but man am I worn out!  On Thursday we took an all day field trip up the mountain to Kennedy Meadows.   Lots of stops along the way to learn about the geology of the area.  We saw so many cool things!  These pics were taken with my iphone- so not the best quality but you get the idea.  The top pic is from a place called Darden vista?  I think- it was something like that.
This picture is on the middle fork of the Stanislaus River at a place called the catacombs.  I was looking straight down about 50 feet into a churning white water patch of river.  Dangerous place!!  If you fell in you wouldnt be coming out.   

Anyhow the blog-o will be quiet for the next five days or so as tomorrow I am being dragged on another camping expedition- this time with the family.  Hopefully I will be back to regular blogging in another week!  Thanks for stopping by!


Katie Renz said...

How cool is that!

Lee said...

Must have been a wonderful experience.