Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More time in exercise hell

Things NOT to do at spin class (unless you enjoy jelly legs, a racing heart, and a pool of sweat at your feet).
1. Do NOT say, "Yes we enjoyed sub X, she really worked us hard."
2. Do NOT say, " Heck yeah Michele is hard, she is brutal."
3. Do NOT say, " I was crying last night in Kevin's class."
Apparently these things rile the spin teacher and bring out their competitive nature. They seem to want to prove that their class will make you cry too, that Instructor X may be brutal but they are beyond brutal. Ask me how I know this? Ah yes, I have uttered all of the above phrases. I find it best to try not to converse with the teacher at all. Best to not attract attention, lest the instructor stand at your bike and glare at you to go faster. Sometimes they not only glare, they yell. Positive yelling to be sure, but yelling all the same. And don't even think about trying to leave, they come and hunt you down. That wasn't me personally, but two other girls who decided the music wasnt to their liking. Michele went out, hunted them down, drug them back, changed the music, and then made us all pay. I have another class tomorrow. The dreaded Michele again. This is my first Wed. morning class (normally at work). I am looking forward to getting the exercise out of the way early on. Wish me luck!

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Leah said...

LOL Sounds like *so* much fun! Not! Hope you survive:)