Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Random Stuff

Couple of scrappy pages I managed to crank out the other night. Mostly MM product... cant remember all of it, some has been in my stash forever. Time to actually use some of that product! I took out my alpha stickers the other night to reorganize them and I was embarrassed by the sheer number that I have! YIKES!

In other non crafting news we are finally painting the clubhouse. Pics to follow. I let two 8 year olds (my daughter and her friend) and my son (he is 5) go to town with the painting. YIKES! On one hand they did alot of the work, on the other hand there is lots of cleaning and umm... fixing...smoothing... touch ups to be done. All the trim still needs to be painted and the actual walls need to be touched up, some quite a bit. They chose yellow... its called baby duckling. And green trim, English garden. I think it will look pretty good. Hopefully will have it done by the end of the week.


Lisa said...

Holly cow she looks so grown up. These kids are growing up so fast. I posted pictures from Grey's actual birthday today. Can't believe these kids are already 8. Great pictures of your two in these...can't wait to see the finished clubhouse!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. And I love that you let them do it. I know it is work to fix... but HOW FUN for them!