Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Do They Call It a Slumber Party? No One Is Sleeping

I am currently writing you from hell, little girl hell to be exact. I am hosting my first slumber party as a mom. Sigh. I remember the slumber parties of my youth with such fondness. You know a bunch of friends, snuggled down in sleeping bags, telling ghost stories, playing light as a feather stiff as board, eating cake, having pancakes for breakfast. Such a wonderful, carefree time. So much fun to be had. I have another memory too- its the memory of my mother saying NO!! everytime I asked to have a slumber party. At the time I thought she was mean, really mean, the meanest mother ever. Now I see she was smart, really smart, the smartest mother ever!

My dd is 8 today. She begged for a sleepover, she pleaded, she told me I would be the best mom ever. She promised she would keep it small, she promised they would be asleep early. I listened. I am stupid. I currently have 6 little girls in my living room watching Enchanted (which is a great flick, as far as kid flicks go). I think watching may be over stating it. I mean the movie is on, but no one is paying it any attention. Currently they are all getting crushed ice out of the freezer. Why? Probably because I finally told them no more "juice" and soda. (The sugar is oozing out of every pore.) So they getting ice, spilling it on the floor, crunching it, putting it down their pajamas, screaming (nothing is worse than little girl screaming.). Its nearly ten! I am so tired. They are not going to be sleeping anytime soon. The energy level is so high the room is buzzing.

Did I mention the boy? Ah yes, my boy. He is in there with six girls. They are torturing each other. He is bugging them, torturing them really. Of course they are egging him on. I have threaten him with bed repeatedly. This could go on all night. It probably will. Did I mention I am tired? This party started at 4. We painted ceramic figures, we crafted cards, we played games, we ate pizza, we ate cake, we opened presents, we played in the fort, we drug out every toy in the house. It has been non stop since 4. They leave at 10:30 am. I should have made it 5 am.

Did I mention my husband thought this would be the perfect night to pull some overtime? yeah he did. Convenient. So here I sit with all my little slumber party memories turned inside out. Just as it is with nearly every thing else, slumber parties are oh so much better if you are a kid. It loses quite a bit when you are on the mom side of things. So now its back to the living room to referee the ice fight going on during the Enchanted viewing.


Lisa said...

Let's see, it's currently 7:21 your time. They're either awake and you're making a shit load of pancakes or they're still sound asleep like little angels. If I were a betting girl I'd go with the pancakes.

Claire Brennan said...

Lol - my heart goes out to you - I have an 8 year old girl - I could act every part of Enchanted. God give you strength.

Stephanie said...

Oh are really scaring me. My daughter's birthday is September 11th and she is having a sleepover as well. I can picture, all too well, everything you have described happening at my house. Right down to the crushed ice. My son is a crushed ice addict. What could be more fun to him than torturing his little sister with crushed ice. Maybe I need to rethink the sleepover party. LOL! Or at least start the party around 6:00 or 6:30. I hope they fall over soon so you can get some sleep. And remember.......although pure hell right now, in the end, you will be the greatest mom on Earth.;)

Scrapping Julie said...

I feel your pain sister!! I have done this to myself not once but TWICE! I swore to God and everyone it would be several years before I allowed it again! Lesson learned huh?