Friday, August 29, 2008

My Life of Leisure is Coming to an End

So there has been a distinct lack of posts this week. I blame this on the fact that my husband refuses to be a CEO, lawyer, or Prince. If he would just do one of those things I might have enough money to abandon my career and become a full time lady of leisure. Unfortunately the man wants to follow his heart and not a giant string of dollar bills, not to mention he wasnt born the son of a queen... so I guess I cant really blame that on him, can I? So in an effort to keep myself in stamps, ink, and more paper than my local scrapbook store stocks, I will be returning to work on Tuesday. I think I have mentioned before that I teach, specifically I teach science to grade school kids. Its a good gig... way better than teaching first or second grade, which is what I did previously. Insanely better than selling knives, which was one of my first jobs. This year, due to lack of funding, I had my hours cut so I will only be working 4 days a week. That gives me one extra day to get the house clean. Oh who am I kidding? It gives me and extra day to play with my paper and stamps.


Anonymous said...

you know part time is always good- even though to me that sounds more like full time! : )

sarita said...

thank you for teaching children - especially science!