Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Yesterday I went to the giant bullseye and bought my boy some Transformer flipflops. Now my boy has some perfectly good spiderman flipflops but they were from last summer and he wanted some new ones. So being the good mother I am I complied. We get said flipflops home and the boy puts them on and decrees they are too tight, they hurt, and he hates them. Furthermore he is never ever going to wear these flipflops. So I put them pack in their packaging and put them on the counter so I can take them back or trade them in for a bigger size.
This morning:
Boy: Momma where are my Transformer flipflops?
Me: In the bag, I am taking them back to the store to get a bigger size.
Boy (screaming): NOOOO MAMAMMAAA NOOOOO!! I want them, I love them, I want to wear them!!!
Me: No they are too small we will trade them for bigger Transformer flipflops
Boy: NOOOOOOO!!! I want these, I love them, they fit! Please mama please I want to wear them.

Now a less experienced mother might have given them back. But I know my boy, he would have worn them just long enough to make it impossible to return them and then they would have languished in his closet because "they hurt and I hate them." So I stuck to my guns. And experienced a lovely Mother's Day tantrum at 8:15 am. So heres hoping your Mother's Days turn out a little better!!!

(BTW, Mine has gotten nothing but better as the day has gone on... I love these kids even if they do make me question my sanity.)


Vanda said...

Happy Mother Day!

The Kept Woman said...

Oh shit...that's the worst. Good for you for sticking to your guns and not giving in on the flip-flops. Besides he might have gotten blisters and decided to NEVER wear flip-flops ever again and that would just be traumatic in the grand scheme of life, the universe and everything.

Happy Mother's Day!

tommie said...

did you cave??? or did you go to the magic bulls eye and get the bigger size? i can only handle the whine for so long, then they forget!

(ps please forgive my lack of caps, my freakin' shift key is stuck

IamDerby said...

Actually Tommie... the boy (he is a clever one) waited until I left the house (for some crafty shopping) and asked his dad for the flip flops. Fundaddy, not knowing what was up gave them to him. The boy (again he is a smart one) ran outside after putting them on and dirtied them all up. So I guess I lost this battle. sigh