Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Summer Vacation (or how my children managed to completely cover every surface of every belonging in dirt and provide me endless laundry)

This is my darling boy in his ill fitting lifejacket. Oh why is he wearing a too small life jacket you ask? Oh that would be because my husband decided to not listen when he asked, "Which life jackets should we take? " I told him which jackets we should take but he decided to choose the exact opposite of what I said. sigh. Anyhow the boy was a joy to have on the beach, what with all the whining, crying and carrying on about how the jacket was poking him. I finally let him take it off as long as he didnt go past his knees. Bad mother I am... I know, but my ears could take no more.

These are my children squashing my mother in law as she gives them "a ride" around the lake. Better her than me, I say. I sat my fat butt on the beach and read my trashy novels. Nothing better than lots of sun and trashy novels....well unless it was lots of sun, trashy novels, no kids and a beach in mexico.

I have a ton more pictures but for some reason my mac is hating my camera. I did manage to download my pics to my old pc and then transfer them to a jump drive. Next I will try to move them to the mac....but gawdddd what a PITA! I think this means I need to go buy a new digital camera. Any recommendations? I need something small, I do not want to back some big BAMF (like my favorite photographer, Kami) I need something small that can go in my purse but still take awesome pics... yes I want it all

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