Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello Birds

Have a little card for you today featuring Hero Arts stamps (sorry no clue of the set- too lazy to go look).  The Hello sentiment is from PTI Fillable frames.  Assorted patterned paper from stash.  White gel pen, black copic liner.  Thats about it!  Thanks for stopping in.  I know the updates have been sporadic.  I am toying with the idea of no longer blogging.  I hate that I can't keep it up like I used to but I have so much going on this always goes to the back burner.  Anyway... until next time.


Joyce said...

Hi. I just wanted to say that although I don't comment much, too busy, I do read your blog, and enjoy seeing your inspirational creations. I'd miss it if you stopped, but would totally understand.

merryf said...

Me, too, Michele! I love seeing your creations and I would definitely miss your blog. And what stamp set is this -- because I'm laughing at the adorable birdies and I think I've got to get a set too!

Mara Campbell said...

Your birds are super cute!! I love the blue and the green!

I would also miss if you stopped blogging. I get that life is super crazy, though. Maybe just take a break for a while and the come back to it? Regardless, I'm glad that I've connected with you over blogs!!

Purrfect Paper Creations said...

Hi Michele--I just wanted to cast my vote, please continue blogging! Even if you only post once a month or once a year, I really enjoy your posts--it is okay to be human, have a job and kids, and get to craft when you get to craft. I am impressed that you can do what you do, and your projects inspire me to find time to make something!