Friday, October 12, 2012

Cute Little Rejects

Yeah, rejected again.  Paper Crafts better be careful or I might develop a complex!  LOL.  Today I have some adorable Lawn Fawn rejects.  I personally love them and will be putting them on my mantle this year. 
I used Lawn Fawn's Sweet Christmas set to whip up these little gingerbread houses and gingerbread men.  Everyone got the 3D treatment.  I made my own little template for the house.  It took a lot of futzing around but it was worth it.  The faces of the house, gingers, and tree are all colored with copics.
Mama and baby Ginger
P1070418  P1070419
Thanks for stopping in today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Audrey said... These are ADORABLE Michele!! I just love them! Super cute!! :)

Leigh said...

Oh, these are fabulous, Michele! Super cute!

Melissa said...

So cute!! My kids would really want these! You did a great job!

Elena said...

oh, I think they are so cute! that set is on its way to me - I'm thinking I might have to try this out!

Debbie Gaydos said...

Oh Michele, these are SO CUTE! Anyone would love to have these on their mantle!

Susan said...

Are you kidding me? They rejected these cuties?! Pfft, what do they know? ;) These are so CUTE!!

Cheryl said...

So cute!

Tenia Nelson said...

Super cuteness!!!

Michelle Philippi said...

Love these. Mama and baby Ginger - so sweet. Love all the sugary glitz. Sometimes I love when things get rejected...especially the really likes because it means I get to keep it and use it now instead of waiting all those months for it to come back :)