Monday, August 29, 2011

Ever So Grateful

Another acorn card, another example of crappy photography- again my apologies. :) Everything PTI, except for ink and the patterned paper. That paper is from echo park. Speaking of paper- I think I need to take a little trip down to my LSS because I heard they have some new 6x6 pads in. Yeah, I know I need paper like a hole in the head- but when has that ever stopped me before? Also going to look for some more chalk ink while I am there, sure it stains the stamps but it stamps very nicely.
Its my last few days off before the official start of my school year. I am trying to enjoy it. My house (exterior) is getting painted, the kids are off at school, and so far I have spent a lot of time laying around doing not to much! But Wednesday and Thursday are mandatory workdays and on Tuesday we are back in business for the 11-12 school year! Thanks for stopping by!


Joyce said...

Great card. Love those little acorns. I hope mine are waiting for me when I get home. Of course you need more patterned paper, doesn't everybody?

Wendy aka Cheeky said...

Cute! I am trying to force myself to use my current stash of patterned paper too....before buying any new.....but its soooo hard not resist....hehe