Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunflower Card and Matching Envie

Good morning! Another card with the sunflower set from PTI. Alot of masking on this one. I masked the flower on both the card and the envelope to add the leaves and other flowers. Then I masked the leaf to add the frame. The frame on the envelope is one of my favorite uses for Fillable Frames. I have started creating more matching envelopes but then I wonder if I am wasting a good envelope because lots of times my cards just sit in a box. Am I now condemning the envelope to sit too? I could make the envelope right before sending but I rarely do, usually if I am ready to send a card I am in a hurry (like 4 days passed the deadline). What do you do with your envelopes?


Laura Isham said...

Beautiful, beautiful card and envelope, Michele! The masking was worth it. The card has so much depth to it.

I have never created a coordinating envelope, but you sure have been inspiring me to try! It adds so much and gives the recipient a peek at what is to come.

Joyce said...

Wow. This is so beautiful. I love how the envelope matches the card. Here is what I do for envies-- inspired my many of your clever sets, I will dress up the envelopes of sets I make for gifts. I might also do it for a card I am making that I know I will send soon. Don't do it for cards going in the stash, because I found I had too many envies just sitting. And, when I pull a card from the stash to send, it's usually too much trouble to pull out all the stamps and inks again. But, I really should, because, it's really such a nice touch, and not really that much work.

Kara said...

very pretty!

Monica K. said...

This is lovely, Michele! Maybe the solution is to mail them both out so they won't be sitting around! :) You have no reason not to send them, your work is always beautiful and great!! I love the masked sunflowers look on your card. My PTI package is coming tomorrow and I can't wait to try it out. The frames in FF2 are all wonderful, and I'll probably be ordering that soon too!

Wendy aka Cheeky said...

Love it! I like to make matching envelopes as well. I always store them together so when I grab for the card then I have the envelope all ready to go!

I have been playing around with masking - I am not good at it but when has that ever stopped me?

Oh - and have you seen my little card blog? You should check it out!

carol (krillsister) said...

Love the sunflower stamp set. your card is lovely. Like the hint of purple in the middle of the sunflower. As for envies, I usually don't embellish them as I am usually last minute Lucy and don't have the time.