Monday, April 25, 2011

Friendship and Other Stuff

Friendship card made with my new Ad Sense set. I really like these stamps, very unique. Of course you will notice my circles. I really like those too. LOL. I've still got 4 more pictures of different cards with those circles.

Other stuff. This guy and his two brothers occasionally visit our backyard. I know raccoons are suppose to be evil, but they are so freaking cute. Whenever they come, late at night, my hubby is usually up so a few days later I find pictures on my camera.


Jessica Wekenman said...

Great card! Love the color scheme! Adorable pics of your little friends there, too! We have a raccoon duo that visit us nightly, too. At first they freaked me out a little, after awhile we named them, and I now look forward to their visits! They are just too cute!

Lee said...

Just love all the cards you've been making with those circles. Can't wait for mine to many ideas now!