Monday, October 20, 2008

When Spin Instructors Get Sick...

Today is Monday which means its a spin day. I have got a choice of classes since I dont work on Mondays. I can go at 8am and be killed by the previously blogged about, Michele. I can got at 9:30 and be toppled by Jen...race day and core work. Or I can cruise in at 3:45 and take it easy with Charlotte. Charlotte was one who got me hooked on spin. I bumbled into her class one day when I was sick of the elliptical machine but still had enough sense to know that I could not do step. Charlotte is lovely. She obviously has very good genes. She is tall, blonde, Swedish, and incredibly thin and gorgeous. She looks lovely in sweats and she looks lovely sweaty. These are two things no one will ever say about me. I have gifts but these are not them! Now one of the things I love best about Charlotte is she is not fanatical about exercise. Oh sure she tries to be... but really I can see that deep down she is not wed to exercise. When she goes to Sweden for the summer she doesnt exercise at all. So I know that secretly, she is not in love with exercise. I guess what I am saying is Charlotte's class is pretty easy for me. I mean, I dont feel like I am dying in there usually. Not that I dont feel challenged, I do, however I dont feel that death is eminent like I do in Michele'e class.

So anyway, I wander into Charlotte's class. She is there! Yay, no sub! I get on the bike, start to warm up... other regulars come in (let it be known 99.9 % of them are in better shape than me and clearly adore exercise). Music starts. Charlotte is not getting on her bike. what?

"Hi Guys! I am sick, I have a cold coming on. So I am just going to walk you through this and coach you today," she says.
What?, I am thinking, 'What on Earth is she doing?'
Let me tell you, I wish I had never found out. Coaching from the floor means she turns into that crazed lady from Biggest Loser. You know, the trainer? Yep, sweet Charlotte took on a whole new personality. She knows all our names too. She got right up near your face. And then yelled, "Michele (my name)!!! YOU CAN DO BETTER! TURN THE KNOB! PEDDLE FASTER!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! GO! GO! GO!"

This went on the entire class. I have never worked so hard in my life. I was dripping sweat. My legs feel like jello. The second class ended I slid off my bike and ran for the door... luckily all that sweat hid my tears of pain!


moster said...

I'm not a very good/consistent commenter, but oh how I've enjoyed your spinning entries. These just make me laugh out loud and stay with me for several hours (days?) and make me chuckle at each thought!

IamDerby said...

Thanks moster! These things practically write themselves while I am dying on the bike. Tomorrow is Monday again... I am considering the 8am to get it out of the way... hmmm I guess time will tell.