Monday, October 20, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

So the last time I wrote about spin class I was whining about the 8 am chick. You will recall that I said I would not be going to that class again. The instructor’s name is Michele. She is very nice… as a person, but then class starts and I start to feel all kinds of hateful towards her. Anyway I do my best to avoid her class because clearly I am not in good enough shape yet. I need a few more classes and a few less snickers bars before I go there again.

On Friday I was headed to Kevin’s class. Kevin is a big huge guy with lots of muscles. He is really into motivational stuff. His class is hard, no doubt about that, but frankly he doesn’t scare me like Michele. I get to class, I am actually early! (That’s because the kids were left at home with their father.) I get on the bike, start warming up. I am in my happy place, all pleased with myself that I came to class. The door opens, I look up. Who is it? You guessed it! “Hi Everybody! Thanks for coming! I am Michele and I am subbing for Kevin! Are you ready to work??!! We have loads of hills and sprints coming up! You will love it!”

Can I tell you I felt tears forming in my eyes? Only my pride kept me on that bike. I wanted to leave so bad! But I didn’t. I stayed and was slowly tortured in every way possible. I did more sprints than I have ever done before. I thought I might completely pass out. I drank ALL my water. The only thing I hate worse than exercise is drinking water.

I watched the clock, praying to God that 4:30 (the end of class) would come quickly. It seemed to go on forever. Finally we are within 5 minutes. I am dripping in sweat. I probably lost 5 pounds in water weight. (Yeah I am sure I put it back on already.) I am ready to cool down and head out… and then perky Michele says, “ OMG! Is this class only 45 minutes?” Yes!!!! We all scream. “ Oh,” she says, “ I thought it was an hour, we are going to go over at least 5 or 10 minutes. I am so sorry is that ok?”
NO!!!! I want to scream. But I don’t, again the pride thing. All the other crazy exercise folk are saying no problem, lets go the full hour. These folks are insane.

I made it. Just barely. But I walked out on my own two feet. When I got home I fell on to the couch and begged my son to bring me a chocolate. Yes there is a reason I cant lose this weight.


Anonymous said...

that my friend, is the reason why i hate i can't tolerate that little seat! ouch.

Claire Brennan said...

You have all of my sympathy - the one and only time I went near a gym I wrenched a muscle in my gut nearly the second I stepped onto the spinning torture machine - it was a week before I could walk upright - I was the butt of many a joke. I feel your pain (well about 2% of it).