Monday, October 06, 2008

Spin Class Nearly Killed Me

Decided that I would return to spin class today, I went back to the gym yesterday. Its always so hard to go back after missing a week and being sick. So today I think I will just go in at 8am and get it done with. I have never been to this particular class because in the summer I was never up early enough and then once school started I was kind of going in the afternoon or at the 9am class. So anyway I manage to drop off my kids and get myself down to the gym by 8am. I walk into class and who do I see but the hardest instructor every!!!! She subbed once for my regular afternoon girl and I thought I was going to die. So here I am, second day back, first spin class back, still cant breathe through my frickin nose... and here is this chick that is all muscle- the I look good-I am tough- I am going to kick your butt muscle. Of course she is smiling as she talks about what an awesome tough ride its going to be, she is just going to work us over! Oh I was afraid. Totally terrified. Felt my feet heading for the door but somehow I managed to coerce them on to the bike. It was so hard! Hard to breathe, hard to make my muscles move, and of course my butt hurt because I hadnt been on the bike in a week. Well I am here writing this so obviously I survived, but I am telling you just barely! I dont think I will be hitting the 8am class again anytime soon!


Melony said...

I feel your pain..literally. I go every Saturday morning at 8AM...I hate it while I am doing it but it revs me up so much I love it! I must be into torture..LOL

Katie Renz said...

LOL - I'm laughing at you not with you. If I was laughing with you that might mean I wasn't such a loser and could off my big behind and do something.

Flip Flop Momma said...

haha, yeah I would wait till the 3pm class;)

i sent u an invite to that blog, did u get it?