Sunday, June 01, 2008

Two Weeks

is the amount of time left before summer vacation! Ahhh the best part about being a teacher, you still get summer vacation! Its not as carefree as it was when I was a kid but its still awesome! Tomorrow I have a day long meeting... bleh. Then the rest of the week is business as usual, except for Friday which is movie day. Gotta love movie day! Also this week my kids begin swimming lessons... I am hoping this is the year they actually learn to swim. My daughter is so close, I am hoping and praying it "clicks" this time! The boy... well he is still trying to learn to put his head under, so I have a feeling its going take a few more lessons for him.


tulipmom said...

I hear you on the swimming. This is the third summer in a row SB will be starting off in the Level I class at camp.

Lisa said...

Hey! I've been MIA for a week as you've seen. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the comment on the blog post about Gump. I also just read your comment about the ear piercing...I told my husband we just made our little girl a lot more expensive lol! I wanted to wait until she was about 7 but she just wouldn't give it up. Good luck with the swim lessons! My boys are begging for them but I was hoping to wait until the youngest was old enough to do it at the same time. We broke out our slip n slide swimming needed for that and a heck of a lot more laughs lol!