Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cookie Gifts

I meant to post this picture two weeks ago when I made it. I was also going to post pictures of my disastrous kitchen, the clock blinking midnight when I finally finished them, etc. There is a reason the bakeries charge $50 for these things... they are a huge pain in the butt! After they were all done and I went to wrap them up I noticed that the bags were a little small. I think Michael's has stopped selling the ones I normally use. I need something between tiny and gigantic (the only two sizes Mike's is carrying). Do any of you crafting divas know where I can buy more little bags in Medium? I just love individually wrapping the cookies because it looks so professional. Anyhow, the cookies were a huge hit with my son's preschool teachers. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

damn i shouldn't have come in to visit today- i'm on a diet and those look delicious! and your cards look lovely!

Lisa said...

Love those!!! That is way too cute!

Katie Renz said...

Those cookies are fabulous! Check out your local bakeries... if you see any single cookies wrapped it never hurts to ask if they would sell you some of those bags. I find that its 50/50 some stores practically give them away and some act like you are going to steal ALL their business (like whatever)