Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Saving Money AGAIN!

Just call me a Big Lots addict. Today as I was driving home from work I heard a little voice say, go to Big Lots... you have time... there is something so good there!! So instead of heading home to the burbs I turned the van to go deeper into the 'hood. I parked my car, noticed that their were the two requisite cops sitting out by the liquor store, and then I headed in to Big Lots. I just knew there was going to be something awesome. I walked over to the scrapbook section (pitifully small) and lo and behold! What do I see???? Its Basic Grey all over the place! It was all I could do not to snatch it all up! They also had some awesome MAMBI kits but I had already promised myself no more paper after my last three purchases of super sized paper slabs. So I had to pass those up...it nearly killed me!!! Anyway I was so very pleased with my haul... now to use it... hmmmmmm... maybe I will just look at for awhile.


AFScrapperMom said...

UGH, My BL and my wallet have been empty of late!

sarita said...

don't ya just love that little voice that SCREAMS in your ear!!! the paper looks really pretty..make something soon!

Katie Renz said...

Ah, no fair... my Big Lots never has anything good... although I do have to be fair and say that I only get in there every 6 months or so :) Those 2 1/2 year old arms (4 of them) are getting longer and longer.

I'm not sure why you can leave a comment on my blog. I'm having lots of people tell they can't... Do you have a "magic" computer??